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A study indicates that at least 50% of companies do not have a digital strategy that is defined. This directly affects the performance of these companies since all communication becomes a constant search for “what works” rather than determine beforehand what the customer needs and act accordingly. This point is not less, since one of the pillars on which rests the marketing is that each product must meet a specific customer need, and this is just an essential part of a strategy.  This goes with local SEO techniques as well but discussed in a different article.  Apart from that article, hiring a Jacksonville SEO is suggested because they are expert of making your presence evidently visible in search engines. Having a knowledge of SEO in Jacksonville is one of the most popular digital strategies nowadays.  However, in this article shall let you be informed of other strategies that ensure a good result for your brand.

What is a digital strategy?

A digital strategy is a way you should take to solve a particular need for marketing. This means being able to determine this objective, and what tools will be used to reach such as the budget for SEM campaigns, email marketing plan and social networks using, among others. Each tool used has a specific utility and the decision about which tool will be used each time is crucial. Thus, those companies that lack a digital strategy will not be pointing to a customer need but rather a trend or a fad, and its attempts to reach a goal will be in vain, as they probably are not using the right tools.

To talk about a digital strategy, first necessary imbibe all the new tools and trends in the digital world. Being at the forefront is an obligation as strategists must meet to maintain our standards of service at all times as high as possible and to offer our customers a real solution. Digital strategy gives the importance it deserves is also one of the obligations we have. Our whole approach should be doomed entirely to digital setting achievable and measurable objectives.

Content Marketing

The contents are everything if we talk about digital. The traffic generated by digital tools are based on useful content for users and this, accompanied by a constant concern for the user experience, determine who makes a digital strategy also have to be forced into this. What we say, how we say it and especially what means should be our differential as an agency.


The global trend in use of devices indicates that all went into the mobile in the fourth quarter. This will also condition us since all the content we discussed above will be biased and determined by this trend. It is crucial if we want to be an effective and cutting edge agency, to pay attention to this as well. Knowing what the customer needs and determining the way to meet them, we should be able to achieve any goal you want. In this way, we will become promoters of digital strategy, which should always be avant-garde and doomed to customer needs as well as user experience.

Take advantage of the new features on Facebook  

Did you know that there are new features of Facebook that can benefit your marketing strategies? These are small adjustments that have been added to the Social Network with the idea of improving and further customize the user experience. They are as follows: Now Facebook gives you the opportunity to show, through the same announcement, several of your products at once. This possibility multiplies the chances that users know your goods, while energizes the ads you do on the Social Network.

Take advantage of advertising on Facebook

In addition to traditional ads, there are beneficial ways to reach your audience on Facebook. How? Through the Custom Audiences or custom audiences. It is a form of segmentation very productive, working with a database of users or customers (such as a list of emails or mobile phones of people who have interacted with your brand ). Thus a Custom Audience allows you to show your ads to a specific group of people, who have already shown interest in your services.

Optimize your YouTube channel

YouTube, the most famous site audiovisual content now part of Google applications, is an excellent platform to promote your content. There have recently been added new features that let you customize your channel to make it more appealing to your audience. One of these new features allows you to add custom thumbnails to your videos, so you can include shocking or exciting pictures to reference the content.  Alongside this, now YouTube channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, have a profile picture and one cover. So that they are visually appealing, it is essential to respect the sizes of images suggested by the site, so that the resolution is appropriate for your images to cause a good impact.

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