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Key Strategies For SEO

SEO is a term widely used in the Internet world. SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. It can be defined as a set of techniques to achieve rapid indexing for a website to appear in the top positions when performing a particular query on a search engine. The proper use of SEO techniques makes websites more search engine friendly, and this increases the visibility and visitors.

This set of techniques means taking into account both the web architecture and coding and keywords that best represent each of the contents of your website.

Search engine optimization affects only organic search results, not paid or sponsored results, as in the case of Google AdWords. At all times we talk about traffic attracted by free techniques (organic).

The better organic positioning for a given search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user performing a particular query. It is therefore important optimization.

Moreover, we should not confuse SEO with SEM. Positioning SEO is organic and does not require any payment to the seeker, and SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) refers to the management of sponsored links or paid advertising systems in search engines. To perform the SEM campaigns, search engines offer tools ads, such as Google AdWords, which is the most popular.

Generally, SEO is accompanied by marketing actions, such as finding relevant links and participation in social networks, facilitating the spread and presence.

The application of SEO techniques provides the following:

  • Increasing the number of visitors who are looking for your service or product.
  • Most conversions.
  • Online reputation.
  • Increase profits.
  • Saving money on marketing and traditional advertising.
  • Promotion relentlessly.
  • Charging the fastest and most efficient website.
  • Usability.
Compatibility with all browsers.

There are no tricks or formulas to achieve positioning a website in the first results of a query. Over time programs and algorithms that are used to index the pages have evolved to avoid the chances of cheating. For positioning in search engines it is very important:


The results are not overnight; it is a process that takes time.

Unique and original content

The content is essential; it is very important to offer original, unique and quality content. Google highly values that are updated and not be repeated on other websites.

Numerous studies claim that people focus more attention on a particular area of the screen than another. These studies indicate that we look further into the upper left: for this reason, the remaining elements pass unnoticed. Depending on the position that it occupies a site on the results page of a search engine, the number of clicks it receives changes dramatically, therefore it is essential to do a good job of positioning.

SEM rush

We need to understand SEO as a global strategy, since many factors both internal and external to be taken into account:

  • Page title
  • Meta tags
  • Domain name
  • URL
  • Headers
  • clean and organized content
  • unique and original content
  • Upload speed
  • File names
  • Domain History
  • Longevity domain
  • Information Hosting
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time spent on the web
  • Coherence outgoing links

SEO is now a vital part of the total marketing system that we implement to achieve better rankings and get more visitors.

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